Cylinder Testing

C and R Testing can help you with both visual and hydro cylinder testing. We also oxygen clean cylinders and service cylinder valves.

The time needed between tests and type of test (visual and hydrostatic) depends upon what you use the cylinder for.  
Diving cylinders require testing every 2.5 years (visual every 2.5 years and a hydrostatic every 5 years): 
For example a cylinder manufactured in 10/2002: 

  • requires a visual test - 04/2005
  • requires a hydrostatic test - 10/2007

A cylinder not used for diving (air rifle, storage vessels etc)  only require a hydrostatic test every 5 years 

Cylinders that require O2 cleaning have to be re-cleaned every 15 months. 


  • Hydro Test - £41 includes valve service (plus parts)
  • Visual Test - £37 includes valve service (plus parts)
  • Valve service- £10.50 plus parts (compulsory under current test legislation)
  • Visual Eddy Test & Hydro & Valve Service (for older aluminum cylinders) - £41
  • Internal shot blast - £26.25
  • Ultrasonic wall test failure - £10.50
  • O2 clean (now 15 months)- £30.45 or £12.60 if done with cylinder test
  • Manifold O2 clean - £10
  • Cylinder test failure - £10.50 or full price if the customer would like the cylinder returned (rendered inoperable)
  • Valve failure FOC
We reserve the right to render unusable, by any means necessary, any cylinder that fails these tests.

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C & R Testing Ltd has been established for more than 20 years engaged in electrical installations and servicing, compressor maintenance, installation, air purity testing, cylinder testing and oxygen cleaning.

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