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The information below gives the maximum allowable levels of contamination. 


Maximum allowable to BS EN12021

Oxygen content

(21 ±1)% by volume (dry air).

Carbon Monoxide content

Shall be as low as possible but not exceed 5 ml.m-3 (5 ppm).

Carbon Dioxide content

Shall not exceed 500 ml.m-3 (500 ppm).

Lubricant content (droplets or mist)

Shall not exceed 0.5 mg.m-3.


There shall be no free liquid water. The maximum water content of the air measured at:

  • compressor system outlet for filling cylinders, should not exceed 25 mg.m-3;
  • a cylinder outlet, cylinder pressure from 40 to 200 bar, should not exceed 50 mg.m-3;
  • a cylinder outlet, cylinder pressure >200 bar, should not exceed 35 mg.m-3.

Other Contaminants


Odour and Taste

The air shall be without significant odour or taste.


No dust, dirt, metallic particles, toxic or iirritating ingredients

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